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Who We Are and Why We Do It!

Our Mission

Our Mission is based on the belief that we have the right to defend ourselves and our families. Our students' needs, rights and safety are of the utmost importance. Our Instructors are committed to meeting those needs. As a result, our students will develop the needed skill sets to survive in a evermore dangerous world. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and give you the best training in the industry. 

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to provide the best Firearm's Training in the industry at an affordable rate, our instructors have over 100 years combined Military and Law Enforcement Training, with global experience, and we have a "Regular Guy" too. We work to your ability, come join us for a class, you will find a fun friendly staff that will help you achieve your Self-Defense Goals, without having to deal with those "Hi-Speed EGO's"

Our​ Goal is very Simple,

We want you to  #BEHARDTOKILL

"Spence is serious, and drives

 the point home, meanwhile

 his Dark Humor had us laughing the whole time,  his passion is unmatched!"

Charles Thomas

Spence Dixon 
"The Faceless Man" 

Founder DST Group

MIL/LEO/LTC Instructor

Active Shooter Response

NCSU  Violent Crime Expert

Texas DPS Instructor

Special Weapons and Tactic Instructor

NRA/USCCA Certified Instructor

"Wilson is AWESOME!, He Knows his Stuff, He loves what he does  and breaks it all down to its core."

April Rodriguez

Wilson "STRYKE" Machado
"Tactical GQ"

LTC Instructor

Edged Weapons Expert

Active Shooter Response

Special Weapons and Tactic Instructor

Executive Protection Instructor


Texas DPS Instructor

NRA Certified

USCCA Instructor

Texas State Guard Border Specialist

"Curtis is a straight shooter, he tells you like it is,, we were so comfortable with him and left us 100% more confident in ourselves". Thank You Curtis!

Paul and Donna  Reese

Curtis Van Liew

 LTC Instructor/RSO

Active Shooter Response

No More Victims Instructor

Crisis Management Instructor

Facility Security Specialist

Texas DPS Instructor

NRA Certified

USCCA Instructor

Feel Free To Call Any Instructor 

About Private Lessons

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