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Welcome to the DST Training Academy

EDC/Emergency Tactical Medical Class

This class will teach you how to treat Penetrating Knife and Gunshot Wounds with the use of Tourniquets, Chest Seals and Compression Bandages, and prep casualties for transport.

In this is a detailed hands on class, we will instruct you how to recognize and treat Shock, Hypothermia and additional life threating situations, this class is a must have if your going to survive our violent world.

$159.00  per student

Reduced to $59.00 for the January 6th class

3.5 hours

by appointment or monthly scheduled class

Corporate rates available

Discounts Available
Classes are from 9:00am to 4:00pm
Weekday and Weekend Dates Available
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Texas License to Carry A Handgun  Eligibility
No Felony Convictions Ever
No Class A or B Misdemeanors five years before applying with the State of Texas
Eligible to purchase handguns
21 years of age or older unless active duty military
18 and older for active duty military
For other detailed requirements see below

New ! Texas DPS Safe School Certification class for 

Teachers and School District Employees

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