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$59.00+Range Fee

Texas License to Carry a Handgun Class 5hr. Class

Gun Rentals
Veterans Rates
Dates and Registration
Weekday, Weekend and Private Classes Availability                         Click Here for Dates                                                                         LTC Eligibility Click Here

Urban EDC Pistol I Class  $199  Now $99

Texas LTC Required

June 13th 2020

Triple C Range Cresson Texas

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We Also Offer Texas LTC Online

If you wish to take the Texas 4 hour class from home go to the  link below, after completing the Online Class call Spencer to Schedule the Texas DPS Shooting Proficiency Test.

Thank You Be safe!

Intro to Basic Pistol Class

Safety Handling / Operations / Marksmanship

3 hour hands on training with NRA and TX. DPS Instructors

This class will prepare you for the Texas License to Carry a Handgun Class.

Fun and Friendly Atmosphere!


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Defensive Handgun Drawing from a Holster

Introduction to the Fighting Handgun Essentials Class

This 3.5 Hour Class held the (First Monday Class) of each month, will get you started with Proper Draw and Presentation of your weapon, Flash Sight Picture,  First Shot Accuracy and Motion, we also include Pre and Post Engagement Mind-Set tolls and how to deal with Multiple Threats, Weapons Manipulation, and Task Oriented Training.

Texas LTC Required*


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Fun and Friendly Staff

Advanced Fighting Handgun Classes Both Indoors and Out (Gunfighter School)

These Classes take you out of the Static shooting stall and put you into the action of Fighting with a handgun.. from beginner to advanced, if you have your Texas License to carry a Handgun you are welcome.

*Must Have Attended the First Monday Intro Class

Classes range from $49 to $189

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Draw from the Holster

So You Have Your Texas License to Carry ...

Ever pulled that Heater from a Holster?....

How about doing something worthwhile on a Saturday Night from 7:00 to 9:00pm ?...

DST's 2 hour "Draw And Shoot" class, this program will increase your confidence and ability to utilize your defensive handgun for # personal protection through repetitive drill..

Students will be instructed using highly efficient techniques for Drawing a Handgun from a Holster and Point Shooting over 200 rounds...

(2) for $99.00 includes Range Fees and Targets......NO RAMBOS)

Any Gun...Any Caliber...Any Holster...

Lets "Do The Work"

Call Spencer at 817.726.8999 to schedule 

RMR and RED Dot Handgun Training

Coming Soon JULY 2020 !

Introduction to RMR / RED DOT Pistol Class 

In this 8 hour Program students will be taught the technical skill sets of using a handgun equipped with a RMR or Red Dot Sight System for the purposes of Self-Defense, they will work thru the necessary practical applications and repetitions to  effectively deploy and utilize the RMR.

Comprehensive AR15 Training

Adaptive Carbine Class

Topics Covered:

  • Weapon Safety
  • Operation of the AR-15 Weapon System
  • Malfunction Types, Causes, and Remedies
  • Ballistics of the AR-15 weapon System to include:
  • Operation and Weapons Manipulation of the AR-15 in the modern context
  • Fundamentals of modern marksmanship for Defensive application
  • Sight Over Bore and Hold-Overs
  • Static and Emergency Reloading
  • Movement and Transition           



Call for details 817.726.8999

Center Axis Relock Handgun Immediate Personal Defense (John Wick)

The CAR System of self-defense with a handgun is designed for up close and personal "Bad Breath" distance to an attacker. 

It is a gun fighting technique, not a range application.
It is a strong, stable, and flexible platform for action.
It allows quick target acquisition and rapid-fire bursts of 4 shots to the Center Of Mass in under 1.25 second with standard pistols.
It can be used effectively in small spaces and vehicles.
It is applicable to Home Invasion/ Car Jacking and CQB situations.
                                                                       It provides maximum weapon retention and serves as a practical and effective base                                                                            for contact fighting.  
                                                                                         Two Day Class 14 hours (Held Twice a Year July and September)
                                                                                         Also Available as a Private Class Year Round Call 817.726.8999 for Details
                                                                                        $250 per person class limited to 10
                                                                                        Click here for Registration and Dates 

Equality Rocks... Shoot Like a Girl

Ladies Only Programs

Texas LTC

Drawing from a Holster or Purse Classes

Private Shooting Lessons

Group Classes

Personal Protection Seminars

No Victims Here Certifications

Call to Schedule your Group 817.726.8999

Real Estate Safety and Training

Real Estate Agent Safety Program

 Every day, agents interact with strangers and put themselves at risk. Men and women are put in isolated situations. The nature of showing real estate makes agents vulnerable to attack. Every year the statistics speak for themselves. Agents are faced with unspeakable crimes resulting in fatalities. We do not want to believe that crime can happen to us, but most people are unprepared for an attack. What                                                                               would you do if you were confronted by a predator?

                                                                            DST has a program dedicated to the safety of Real Estate Professionals

                                                                            Call Spence Dixon 817.726.8999 about a Free Consultation

Church Security and Safety

Church Safety

DST Texas Church Guardian Program (FREE Consultation)

This program is designed to establish and train a volunteer security team within the Church congregation to deal with Facility Security, Natural Disasters, Medical Emergencies and Active Shooter Situations.

For details please call 

Spence Dixon 


Armed Teacher for Safe Schools

DPS Certified Texas Safe School Armed Guardian Certification Program

This Texas DPS Program designed to train and evaluate educators to carry defensive handguns on school campus.  The Texas D.P.S. has approved training for school districts and teachers. We take it to the next level of training based on your districts needs. As required by the Texas Department of Public Safety we will cover; Protection of Students, Interaction of license holders with first responders, Use of Defensive Handguns under stress, Tactics for denying an intruder entry into a classroom or school facility.

                                                                                Click here for Details

Active Shooter Training

Civilian Response to Active Shooters

This Specialized 4 hour course teaches civilians how to respond to an Active Shooter Situation in a Public Location, or Workplace.

$99.00 per Student

Please call for details.

Spence Dixon 817.726.8999

Corporate rates available

Online LTC Qualifications

Texas Online LTC Shooting Proficiency Class 

If you have completed the Texas Online LTC Class and need to do the Shooting Proficiency portion, This 1 hour class meets the Texas DPS requirements for the online completion for the Texas LTC program

$45 + Range Fee, State B27 Target Included

Call Spencer at 817.726.8999 to schedule 

Train Fight Win

Personal Protection Programs

Defensive Solutions of Texas and the DST Training Academy offers Special

NON-Weapons Self Defense Classes with Wilson Machado.

These classes are for men and women and provide the necessary skills to protect yourself and your family when the Gun is not an option,

call Wilson Today for details



Emergency Trauma Care for Gunshot Wounds.

This hands-on 3 hour class includes the proper instruction in the use of Compression Bandages, Chest Seals, and the Application of the CAT7 Tourniquet system to stop mass hemorrhage due to Gunshot wounds or Penetrating Knife Injuries.

This class is presented on a One on One , Family or Business format.

$49.00 per person

Call 817.726.8999 for details

NRA Intructors Programs

NRA RSO Training

Want to become an NRA Range Safety Officer... 

Call Wilson at 214.794.2408

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