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Texas License to Carry a Handgun Class

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Select Date Above ...?... All classes are from 9am to 3pm unless otherwise noted.... This Class Does Not Teach You How To Shoot a Handgun! Classes are Held at the; Winchester Gallery 6054 E. Lancaster Ave. Ft. Worth Texas 76112 Call 817.726.8999 for details.... This is the Required Texas DPS class for the License to Carry a Handgun.... Texas License to Carry a Handgun Class.... The Classroom portion consists of; 4.5 Hours lecture and open discussion format.... We cover all laws regarding Texas Open/Concealed Carry, Use of Force and Deadly Force, TMPA, Castle Law, Street Violence and Active Shooters. The Criminal and Civil Courts systems ... 1 Hour Range Time for qualifying.... Shooting Lessons Available $35 per hour.... Eye/ear protection are also provided at no additional charge, or you may bring your own... A range fee of $14 will .be paid directly to the range... You must bring your handgun .22 caliber or larger and 50 rounds of ammunition.... If you do not have a handgun, you can rent one (including ammo) from us when you take the class. ($15.00)... All firing is supervised by the DPS Instructor and an NRA range officer At completion of the course, testing and handgun qualifications, you will be issued the state-required; LICENSE TO CARRY A HANDGUN CERTIFICATE OF TRAINING (FORM LTC-100) for application to the state.

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