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 Your Firearms Training A-Team

Welcome to the DST Training Academy, our mission is to provide the best Firearm's training in the industry at an affordable rate, our instructors have over 100 years combined Military and Law Enforcement training, with global experience,  and we have a "Regular Guy" too. We work to your ability, come join us for a class, you will find                                                                         a fun friendly staff that will help you                                                                         achieve your Self-Defense Goals,                                                                               without having to deal with those                                                                                             "Hi-Speed EGO's"
S. Dixon         Founder DST Training Academy "The Faceless Man" Click Here
W. Machado   Senior DST Instructor LTC, CRSO & Martial Arts Click Here
C. Van Liew    EDS LTC Instructor/ DSM Intsructor
E. Wise Jr.       Independent LTC Instructor (Houston Texas) 832.347.0473

Contact Information

DST Training Academy

S. Dixon          817.726.8999

W. Machado     385.955.1911

Email: [email protected]

Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri: Phones answered 10-7pm

Sat: LTC Class Day 9am to 4pm

Sun: LTC Classes 9am to 4Pm


6054 East Lancaster (A)

Ft. Worth Texas 76112